Pamela Lane brings a distinctive balance of insight, grit and humor to her writing. It all started with a career in the advertising business spanning over 20 years, and burgeoned from there.

Today as a storywriter she captures all the richness of a life journey. Ms. Lane brings fresh energy and meaning to the triumphs, adventures, good times and bad to weave them all into an illuminating, compelling story. Your story.

Her skill at ferreting out gems buried in long-forgotten memories is largely due to the experience she gained interviewing product managers as an advertising copywriter. She studied features and unearthed nuggets of information, then brought it all together in layman's terms to successfully launch products in the marketplace. She uses many of those same skills shaping life stories into words that capture her readers.

Like many lives, hers has been fraught with pot holes and land mines. But, over time, Ms. Lane has emerged with a healthy respect for the gift of life and the joy of helping others.

She approaches writing projects with amazing tenacity and an unshakable belief in the human spirit. That, together with her own remarkable life experience, quirky sense of humor and glad, open heart, provide her with the compassion and wisdom needed to tell a true-to-life story as only she can.

About her Life

Pamela Lane's life has been anything but ordinary.

Born with a genetic background of French, Scots-Irish, Norwegian and the Pacific Northwest's Chinook Indian, her childhood was filled with a mix of customs, beliefs and traditions.

As an adult, Ms. Lane married, had two children and was widowed in her late twenties. She married again and attempted to navigate the baffling labyrinth of married life, but never found happiness in that living arrangement. Ms. Lane currently lives a happy, solo life in her downtown LA condo where she enjoys theater, music and the arts, and frequently spends time with her beloved children, Deborah and Steven.

Her life has been replete with unexpected blessings and enormous victories, but also torn with setbacks, losses and reversals. Raised by a rage-a-holic grandmother, an alcoholic father and a passive mother, she grew up in the midst of uncertainty, misinformation and confusion.

In spite of her home life, she went on to become a popular cheerleader at one of San Francisco's largest high schools, then a fashion show and photographer's model, and even ran for Miss San Francisco at the behest of the San Francisco Jr. Chamber of Commerce.

Over her lifetime, she's battled her way through life-threatening health issues, major surgeries and, in 1983, survived a vicious, criminal assault that put her in the hospital for an extended stay.

Of necessity, Ms. Lane has re-invented herself numerous times to cope with untenable circumstances and untimely deaths just to "stay in the game" of life. Whether it's been the loss of loved ones, career-thwarting industry upheavals or debilitating financial reverses, she has always found ways to push through to thrive again and again and again.

About Influences and Inspiration

Favorite Authors
John Bradshaw
Kahlil Gibran
John Gray, Ph. D.
Louise Hay
Sue Monk Kidd
M. Scott Peck, M.D.
Hugh Prather
Don Miguel Ruiz
Kathryn Stockett
Brian Tracy
Studs Turkel
Marianne Williamson
David Viscott, M.D.
Memberships & Support
Radio Station KPCC
Radio Station KUSC
California Environment Organization
House of Ruth (Safe house for battered women and their children)
Aloud Lecture Series, Los Angeles Central Library
"The Table" Writers Group
AWG/IWOSC Writers Group
The Ahmenson Theater (Season Ticket Holder)
Walt Disney Concert Hall (Season Ticket Holder)